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AcehBanda Acehgrand NANGGROE hotel  Three Star  
BaliAmedTHE GREEN ROOM BALI - Canggu  Three Star  
BaliBedugulAnaheim Villa Lake Buyan forme..    
BaliBedugulAshram  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliBedugulBali Handara Kosaido Country C..  Three Star  
BaliBedugulEnjung Beji Resor  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliBedugulPermata Firdaus    
BaliBedugulThe Lodge Bedugul  [Private Villa]  
BaliBunutanAnda Amed Resort  Two Star  
BaliBunutanDancing Dragon Cottages  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliBunutanSantai Bali Hotel  Two Star  
BaliCandidasaAgung Cottages  Two Star  
BaliCandidasaAmarta Beach Inn Bungalows  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaAnom Beach Inn Bungalows  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaBali Santi Bungalow formerly T..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliCandidasaBali Santi Formely Flamboyant ..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliCandidasaBarong Home stay    
BaliCandidasaDewa Bharata Bungalows Candida..  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaDewi Bungalow  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliCandidasaD'Tunjung Resort and Spa  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaGeringsing Homestay    
BaliCandidasaHome Stay Segara Wangi    
BaliCandidasaIda Beach Village  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaKubu Bali Bungalows  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliCandidasaLotus Bungalows  Two Star  
BaliCandidasaPuri Bagus Candidasa  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaPuri Oka Cottages    
BaliCandidasaPuri Pandan    
BaliCandidasaPuri Pudak Beach Bungalows    
BaliCandidasaRama Candidasa Resort & Spa  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaResor Prima Candidasa  Three Star  
BaliCandidasaSamudra Arirang Hotel    
BaliCandidasaSekar Orchid Bungalow    
BaliCandidasaThe Water Garden Hotel and Spa  Four Star  
BaliCangguHotel Tugu Bali  Five Star  
BaliCangguKampoeng Bali Resort  [Private Villa]  
BaliCangguLegong Keraton Beach Hotel  Three Star  
BaliCangguSubak Sari Chic Boutique Hotel    
BaliCangguWana Berawa Beach Resort (Form..  Four Star  
BaliDenpasarAll Seasons Denpasar  Three Star  
BaliDenpasarAston Denpasar Hotel & Convent..  Four Star  
BaliDenpasarFave Hotels Denpasar  Two Star  
BaliDenpasarHotel Nikki  Two Star  
BaliDenpasarHotel Oranjje Denpasar  [Moderate Hotel]  
BaliDenpasarHotel Puri Ayu  Two Star  
BaliDenpasarInna Bali Hotel  Three Star  
BaliDenpasarKepundung Suite Hotel    
BaliDenpasarPuri Rani Garden    
BaliDenpasarThe Grand Santhi Hotel  Three Star  
BaliGianyarBali Masari Villas & Spa  Four Star  
BaliGianyarPuri Saron Resort Villa & Spa  Three Star  
BaliGianyarThe Lorin Villa Resort - Close..  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliJimbaranAstana Jimbaran Condotel Resor..  Four Star  
BaliJimbaranDream @ Jimbaran  Two Star  
BaliJimbaranGrand Jimbaran  Three Star  
BaliJimbaranKeraton Jimbaran Resort  Four Star  
BaliJimbaranKos 168  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliJimbaranPrada The Rich Bali    
BaliJimbaranPuri Bambu Hotel  Two Star  
BaliJimbaranPuri Kosala Cottages  Three Star  
BaliJimbaranSari Segara Resort  Three Star  
BaliJimbaranVilla Puri Royan  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliJimbaranWhite Villa at Mimpi Resort Ji..  Three Star  
BaliKarangasemSiddhartha Dive Ressort & Spa ..  Three Star  
BaliKemenuhSua Bali  [Moderate Hotel]  
BaliKerobokanBali Lotus Suite at Bali Mysti..    
BaliKerobokanHapel Semer Hotel  Two Star  
BaliKerobokanKokonut Suites  Four Star  
BaliKerobokanMutiara Bali Boutique Resort V..  Four Star  
BaliKerobokanTaman Ayu Cottages  Two Star  
BaliKerobokanTaman Rosani Hotel  Two Star  
BaliKerobokanThe Harmony Sunset    
BaliKerobokanThe Seri Suites Umalas  Three Star  
BaliKerobokanThe Sura Bungalows  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliKerobokanThe Umalas Equestrian Resort  Two Star  
BaliKerobokanVilla Bunga Hotel & Spa  Three Star  
BaliKerobokanVitodi Residence    
BaliKintamaniBali Eco Village  Two Star  
BaliKintamaniLakeside Cottages  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKintamaniPuri Bening Hayato Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaAdhi Jaya Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaAlron Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaAnucara Hotel  Two Star  
BaliKutaArya Hotel & Spa  Two Star  
BaliKutaAston Kuta Hotel & Residence  Four Star  
BaliKutaBali Sandy Cottages  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaBest Western Kuta Beach  Three Star  
BaliKutaBest Western Kuta Villa  Four Star  
BaliKutaBest Western Resort Kuta  Four Star  
BaliKutaBounty Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaDayu Beach Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaDewa Bharata Kuta  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaFavehotel Bypass Kuta  Two Star  
BaliKutaFavehotel Kuta Square  Five Star  
BaliKutaGong Segara Homestay  Three Star  
BaliKutaGrand Istana Rama Hotel  Four Star  
BaliKutaHarris Hotel and Residence Riv..  Four Star  
BaliKutaHotel Ibis Bali Kuta  Three Star  
BaliKutaHotel Maria  Two Star  
BaliKutaHotel Santika Kuta  Four Star  
BaliKutaIda Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaJocs Boutique Hotel & Spa  Three Star  
BaliKutaKodja Beach Inn    
BaliKutaKuta Town Houses  Four Star  
BaliKutaLegian Beach Bungalow  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaLegian Express  Three Star  
BaliKutaMaharani 2 Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaMastapa Garden Hotel  Two Star  
BaliKutaMatahari Bungalow  Two Star  
BaliKutaMelasti Beach Bungalows  Three Star  
BaliKutaNathan Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaOhana Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaOkkie House    
BaliKutaPalm Gardens Taman Nyiur    
BaliKutaParadiso Beach Inn  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaPondok Sari  Two Star  
BaliKutaPoppies Restaurant & Cottages  Three Star  
BaliKutaPuri Asih Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaPuri Dewi Sri  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaQuest Hotel Tuban  Three Star  
BaliKutaSahid Raya Bali Hotel - Close ..  Four Star  
BaliKutaSAIMAI Residence  Three Star  
BaliKutaSari Bali Resort  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaSatriya Cottages  Four Star  
BaliKutaSimpang Inn  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaSri Kusuma Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliKutaThe Aroma`s of Bali Hotel & Re..  Three Star  
BaliKutaThe Flora Kuta Bali Hotel  Three Star  
BaliKutaThe Sunset Hotel, Villas, Rest..  Four Star  
BaliKutaYulia Beach Inn  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianAgung Beach Bungalows (Agung S..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianAmaris Hotel Legian  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliLegianAyodia Beach Inn  Five Star  
BaliLegianBali Bungalo  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianBali Subak Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianBali Village Hotel  Two Star  
BaliLegianGrand Kuta Hotel and Residence..  Four Star  
BaliLegianGrandmas Hotel Legian  Two Star  
BaliLegianHotel Kumala Bali  Three Star  
BaliLegianHotel Kumala Pantai  Three Star  
BaliLegianHotel Kusnadi  Three Star  
BaliLegianJe-Je Resort  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianJessen Inn II  One Star  
BaliLegianKuta Beach Club Hotel  Three Star  
BaliLegianLegian Paradiso Hotel  Three Star  
BaliLegianLumbung Sari Hotel  Two Star  
BaliLegianMaxi Hotel & Spa  Three Star  
BaliLegianMelasti Beach Resort & Spa  Three Star  
BaliLegianOutrigger O-CE-N Bali  Four Star  
BaliLegianPrani Legian Hotel  Two Star  
BaliLegianPuri Naga Seaside Cottages  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianPuri Tanah Lot Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianRosani Hotel  Two Star  
BaliLegianRoyal Tunjung Bali Hotel & Res..  Three Star  
BaliLegianSari Bunga Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianSayang Maha Mertha Hotel  Two Star  
BaliLegianSri Ratu Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianSuriwathi Hotel  Three Star  
BaliLegianSus Cottages I  Two Star  
BaliLegianSus Cottages II  Two Star  
BaliLegianThe Harmony Legian  Three Star  
BaliLegianThe Island Bali  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLegianThe Lokha Legian  Three Star  
BaliLegianThe Losari Hotel & Villas  Three Star  
BaliLegianVilarisi Hotel  Three Star  
BaliLegianYuli Beach Bungalow  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLipahCoral View Villas  Three Star  
BaliLipahHidden Paradise  Three Star  
BaliLovinaAditya Beach Resort  Three Star  
BaliLovinaAgus Home Stay    
BaliLovinaBagus Home Stay    
BaliLovinaBanyualit Spa & Resort  Three Star  
BaliLovinaGede Home Stay  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLovinaHappy Beach Inn    
BaliLovinaHepi Bungalow    
BaliLovinaHotel Angsoka    
BaliLovinaHotel Yudha    
BaliLovinaJati Reef    
BaliLovinaKubu Lalang Bungalows  Two Star  
BaliLovinaLovina Beach Resort (formerly ..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLovinaManah Liang Bungalows formerly..  Three Star  
BaliLovinaNirwana Seaside Cottages  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLovinaNirwana Water Garden  Three Star  
BaliLovinaNugraha Lovina Seaview Resort ..  Three Star  
BaliLovinaPondok Wisata Juniarta    
BaliLovinaPuri Bagus Lovina  Four Star  
BaliLovinaPuri Saron Baruna Beach Hotel ..  Four Star  
BaliLovinaPuri Tasik Madu    
BaliLovinaRatu Ayu Villas  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliLovinaSartaya Bungalows    
BaliLovinaSri Home Stay    
BaliLovinaSuma Hotel    
BaliLovinaTaman Lilys Bungalows and Rest..    
BaliManggisAbalone Resort Formely Balina ..  Four Star  
BaliManggisAlila Manggis  Four Star  
BaliManggisPuri Bagus Manggis  Three Star  
BaliMundukPuri Lumbung Cottages  Two Star  
BaliNegaraHapel Beach Resort  Two Star  
BaliNusa DuaBali Desa Nusa Dua  Four Star  
BaliNusa DuaLangon Bali Resort & Spa  Four Star  
BaliNusa DuaNovotel Nusa Dua Bali Hotel & ..  Five Star  
BaliNusa DuaSonni Puteri Galeria Hotel    
BaliNusa DuaThe St. Regis Bali Resort  Five Star Diamond  
BaliNusa DuaThe Westin Resort Nusa Dua  Five Star Diamond  
BaliNusa LembonganBungalow No7  Two Star  
BaliNusa LembonganCoconut Beach Resort  Three Star  
BaliNusa LembonganDream Beach Hut's  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliNusa LembonganHai Tide Huts    
BaliNusa LembonganLembongan Beach Retreat former..    
BaliNusa LembonganLembongan Reef Bungalow  Three Star  
BaliNusa LembonganMainski Lembongan Resort  Three Star  
BaliNusa LembonganOka Bungalo 7    
BaliNusa LembonganSong Lambung Beach & Cliff Hut..  Two Star  
BaliNusa LembonganVictory Shine Lembongan Bungal..  Three Star  
BaliNusa LembonganVilla Wayan  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliNusa LembonganWare Ware Surf Bungalows  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliPenestananBali Gen Bungalows  Two Star  
BaliPenestananPondok Pekak Mangku  Two Star  
BaliSanurAbian Srama Hotel  One Star  
BaliSanurAlit Beach Bungalows  Two Star  
BaliSanurAstana Pengembak Suite Apartme..  Four Star  
BaliSanurBali Warma Hotel  Two Star  
BaliSanurCoconut Grove Village  Three Star  
BaliSanurGazebo Beach Cottages  Three Star  
BaliSanurHotel Puri Sanur  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurHotel Ramayana  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurHotel Santai  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurJanur Garden  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurKamaya Resort and Villas ex Wa..  Four Star  
BaliSanurMentari Sanur Hotel  Three Star  
BaliSanurPalm Garden Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurPeneeda View Beach Hotel  Three Star  
BaliSanurPondok Ayu  Two Star  
BaliSanurPrima Cottages  Two Star  
BaliSanurPuri Sindhu Mertha Suite    
BaliSanurRatna Beach Hotel - Close - Un..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurSanur Agung Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurSari Sanur Resort    
BaliSanurScape Condotel formely Kalpath..    
BaliSanurSegara Agung Hotel    
BaliSanurSwastika Guest House  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurTaman Agung Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurTamu Kami Hotel  Two Star  
BaliSanurThe Royal Bali Beach Club at S..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSanurYulia 2 Homestay  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSeminyakFavehotel Seminyak  Two Star  
BaliSeminyakGrandmas Hotel Seminyak  Three Star  
BaliSeminyakPanca Jaya Bungalows    
BaliSeminyakQuest Lagoon Hotel Seminyak  Three Star  
BaliSeminyakRaja Gardens  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSeminyakSunset Terrace  Three Star  
BaliSeminyakTHE GREEN ROOM BALI - SEMINYAK  Three Star  
BaliSeminyakThe Green Zhurga Suites  Two Star  
BaliSeminyakThe Harmony Seminyak Bali  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliSeminyakThe Haven    
BaliSeminyakThe Tanjung Nakula 6    
BaliSeminyakVilla Bale Agung    
BaliSeminyakZ Hotel Dhyanapura by MAVEN Ho..  Three Star  
BaliSidemenPatal Kikian  Three Star  
BaliSidemenSacred Mountain Sanctuary    
BaliSingarajaAlam Anda Dive & Spa Resort  Three Star  
BaliSingarajaPadmasari Hotel  Two Star  
BaliSuraberataGajah Mina Beach Resort  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliTabananPrana Dewi Mountain Resort    
BaliTabananYes Panas Resort  [Private Villa]  
BaliTanjung BenoaSuites Hotel Bali Royal    
BaliTanjung BenoaThe Segara Condotel  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliTubanAston Inn Tuban  Three Star  
BaliTubanBali Garden Beach Resort  Four Star  
BaliTubanBali Prani Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliTubanFebris Hotel & Spa  Three Star  
BaliTubanGreen Garden Beach Resort & Sp..  Three Star  
BaliTubanGreen Garden Hotel  Two Star  
BaliTubanHarris Hotel Tuban  Three Star  
BaliTubanHotel Flamboyan  Two Star  
BaliTubanJ Boutique Hotel  Four Star  
BaliTubanKarthi Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliTubanPalm Beach International Resor..  Three Star  
BaliTubanRama Beach Resort & Villas  Four Star  
BaliTubanRamada Bintang Bali Resort  Five Star  
BaliTubanRisata Bali Resort  Three Star  
BaliTubanSun Island Boutique Hotel Kuta  Four Star  
BaliTubanTaman Tirta Ayu Pool & Mansion    
BaliTubanThe Alit Style of Bali  Three Star  
BaliTubanThe Patra Bali Resort & Villas..  Five Star  
BaliTubanThe Sandi Phala formely Kupu K..  Five Star  
BaliTulambenEmerald Tulamben Hotel & Spa  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliTulambenScuba Seraya Resort    
BaliUbudAlam Indah  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudAlam Jiwa  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudAlam Sari  Three Star  
BaliUbudAlam Shanti  Three Star  
BaliUbudAnom Cottages  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudArma Museum & Resort  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudArtini 2 Cottage  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudBarong Resort & Spa  Three Star  
BaliUbudBhuana Alit Villa    
BaliUbudBumi Ubud Resort  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudBunga Permai Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudCahaya Dewata Resort & Spa  [Moderate Hotel]  
BaliUbudCasa Ganesha Hotel  Two Star  
BaliUbudCendana Resort & Spa  Three Star  
BaliUbudChakya Muna Retreat  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudDewi Sri Bungalows  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudDonald Home Stay  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudGraha Ubud Resort & Spa  Three Star  
BaliUbudGreen Field Bungalows  Three Star  
BaliUbudGusti Garden Bungalow  One Star  
BaliUbudIna Inn  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudJalan - Jalan Villa & Spa  Three Star  
BaliUbudJati Home Stay    
BaliUbudJunjungan Ubud Hotel & Spa  Three Star  
BaliUbudJuwita Inn    
BaliUbudKakiang Bungalows  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudKebun Indah  Four Star  
BaliUbudKenanga Boutique Hotel  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudKertiyasa Bungalow  One Star  
BaliUbudKubuku Sunset Bungalow    
BaliUbudLokasari Bungalows  Four Star  
BaliUbudLokasari Guest House    
BaliUbudMelati Cottages    
BaliUbudOka Kartini Bungalows  Three Star  
BaliUbudOneworld Retreats at Kumara Sa..  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudPadi Prada  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudPadma Accommodation    
BaliUbudPande Permai Guest House  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudPanorama Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudPlataran Ubud ex Puri Manik Co..  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudPondok Bulan Mas  Two Star  
BaliUbudPondok Indah Accommodation    
BaliUbudPradha Guest House  One Star  
BaliUbudPuri Dalem Cottages  Two Star  
BaliUbudPuri Padi Ubud  Two Star  
BaliUbudPuri Saren Agung  Three Star  
BaliUbudRama Phala Resort & Spa  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudRijasa Agung Resort & Villas  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudRojas Homestay    
BaliUbudSamhita Garden  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudSania House Bungalow  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudSaren Indah Hotel  Three Star  
BaliUbudSRI RATIH COTTAGES  Three Star  
BaliUbudSudana Home Stay    
BaliUbudSunny Blow Villa Jepun  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudSwasti Hideaway  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudTaman Harum Cottages  Three Star  
BaliUbudTaman Indrakila  Three Star  
BaliUbudTaman Sakti Boutique Hotel & S..  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudTegal Sari Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudTeras Abing  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudThe Abian Resort & Spa  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudThe Ibunda Bungalows  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudThe Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa    
BaliUbudUbud Bungalow    
BaliUbudUbud Inn & Spa  Three Star  
BaliUbudUbud Sari Health Resort  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUbudUlun Ubud Resort & Spa  [Boutique Hotel]  
BaliUbudVilla Sanggingan  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUluwatuUluwatu Resort  [Budget Hotel]  
BaliUngasanJimbaran Hills  Three Star  
BantenAnyerNuansa Bali Hotel    
BantenAnyerSanghyang Indah Resort & Spa  Three Star  
BantenAnyerThe Bay Villas at Tanjung Lesu..  Four Star  
BantenAnyerThe Patra Anyer Beach Resort  Three Star  
Central JavaCilacapHotel Mutiara Cilacap  Three Star  
Central JavaMagelangManohara Resort  [Boutique Hotel]  
Central JavaMagelangMesaStila formerly Losari Coff..  Four Star  
Central JavaMagelangPlataran Borobudur  [Boutique Hotel]  
Central JavaMagelangThe Oxalis Regency Hotel    
Central JavaMagelangThe Royal Village    
Central JavaPekalonganHotel Marlin Pekalongan  Four Star  
Central JavaPurwokertoAtrium Resort & Hotel    
Central JavaSalatigaGrand Wahid Hotel Salatiga for..    
Central JavaSalatigaLaras Asri Resort    
Central JavaSemarangCiputra Hotel Semarang  Five Star  
Central JavaSemarangGrand Candi Hotel  Five Star  
Central JavaSemarangHotel Dafam Semarang    
Central JavaSemarangHotel Horison Semarang    
Central JavaSemarangHotel Santika Premiere Semaran..  Four Star  
Central JavaSemarangThe Patra Semarang Convention ..  Four Star  
Central JavaSoloBest Western Premier Solo  Four Star  
Central JavaSoloHotel Ibis Solo  Three Star  
Central JavaSoloKusuma Sahid Prince Hotel Solo  Four Star  
Central JavaSoloLorin Resort & Spa Solo  Five Star  
Central JavaSoloNovotel Solo  Four Star  
Central JavaSoloSahid Jaya Solo Hotel  Four Star  
Central JavaSoloSolo Paragon Hotel & Residence..  Four Star  
Central JavaWonosoboKresna Wonosobo Gallery Hotel  Four Star  
Central SulawesiPaluSwiss Belhotel Silae Palu  Four Star  
East JavaJemberIstana Hotel Jember  Three Star  
East JavaMalangHotel Santika Premiere Malang    
East JavaMalangHotel Tugu Malang  [Boutique Hotel]  
East JavaMalangRoyal Orchids Garden    
East JavaMalangThe Graha Cakra Malang  Four Star  
East JavaMalangThe Grand Palace Hotel    
East JavaMalangTrio Indah Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
East JavaMojokertoSativa Sanggraloka Hotel  Three Star  
East JavaMojokertoVanda Gardenia Hotel & Resort  Four Star  
East JavaPasuruanBromo Cottage Tosari  Two Star  
East JavaSurabayaElmi Hotel Surabaya  Three Star  
East JavaSurabayaGarden Palace Hotel  Four Star  
East JavaSurabayaGraha Residen Serviced Apartme..  [Boutique Hotel]  
East JavaSurabayaGrand Kalimas Hotel  Two Star  
East JavaSurabayaHotel Bumi Surabaya formerly H..  Five Star  
East JavaSurabayaHotel Equator Surabaya  Four Star  
East JavaSurabayaHotel Ibis Rajawali Surabaya    
East JavaSurabayaHotel Majapahit Surabaya  Five Star  
East JavaSurabayaHotel Santika Surabaya  Three Star  
East JavaSurabayaIjen Resort and Villas  Three Star  
East JavaSurabayaInna Simpang Hotel Surabaya    
East JavaSurabayaJW Marriott Hotel Surabaya    
East JavaSurabayaMaumu Hotel and Lounge  Three Star  
East JavaSurabayaNovotel Surabaya Hotel & Suite..  Four Star  
East JavaSurabayaSahid Surabaya Hotel    
East JavaSurabayaShangri-La Hotel Surabaya  Five Star  
East JavaSurabayaSheraton Surabaya  Five Star  
East JavaSurabayaSinggasana Hotel Surabaya form..  Five Star  
East JavaSurabayaSomerset Hotel Surabaya    
East JavaSurabayaSurabaya Plaza Hotel  Five Star  
East JavaTretesTretes Raya Hotel & Resort  Four Star  
East KalimantanBalikpapanBenakutai Hotel  Four Star  
East KalimantanBalikpapanLe Grandeur Balikpapan  Four Star  
East KalimantanSamarindaBumi Senyiur Hotel  Four Star  
East KalimantanSamarindaMesra International Hotel  Four Star  
East Nusa TenggaraLabuhan BajoAnam Emerald Resort formerly P..    
East Nusa TenggaraLabuhan BajoLuwansa Beach Resort  Four Star  
East Nusa TenggaraLabuhan BajoThe Bintang Flores Hotel    
JakartaJakartaAlam Kotok Island Resort    
JakartaJakartaAryaduta Hotel Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaCentury Park Hotel formely Atl..  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaCrowne Plaza Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaGolden Boutique Hotel  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaGolden Boutique Melawai  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaGrand Hyatt Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaGrand Sahid Jaya Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Alma  One Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Borobudur Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Ciputra Jakarta  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Gren Alia Cikini  Three Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Ibis Kemayoran  Three Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Ibis Tamarin  Three Star  
JakartaJakartaHotel Kristal  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaKartika Chandra  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaKemang Icon by Alila  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaLe Grandeur Mangga Dua (former..  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaLe Meridien Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaLumire Hotel & Convention Cent..  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaMega Matra Hotel & Restaurant  Two Star  
JakartaJakartaMercure Convention Center  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaMillenium Sirih  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaNovotel Mangga Dua Jakarta  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaParagon Hotel  Three Star  
JakartaJakartaRaddin Ancol  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaSari Pan Pacific Hotel  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaShangri-La Hotel Jakarta  Five Star  
JakartaJakartaSparks Hotel Jakarta  Three Star  
JakartaJakartaThe Batavia Hotel  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaThe Patra Jakarta Hotel  Four Star  
JakartaJakartaWisata International  Three Star  
JambiJambiAbadi Suite Hotel & Tower  Four Star  
JambiJambiJambi Tepian Ratu  Three Star  
JambiJambiNovita Hotel Jambi    
LampungLampungAlau Alau Boutique Resort  One Star  
LampungLampungSahid Bandar Lampung Hotel    
LampungLampungSheraton Lampung  Five Star  
LombokGili TrawanganBalikana Boutique Beach Resort  Three Star  
LombokGili Trawangan Queen Villa and Spa    
LombokSenggigiBintang Senggigi Hotel  Two Star  
LombokSenggigiBukit Senggigi Seaview Cottage..  One Star  
LombokSenggigiHoliday Resort Lombok  Four Star  
LombokSenggigiMascot Beach Resort  One Star  
LombokSenggigiMedana Resort  [Private Villa]  
LombokSenggigiPacific Beach Cottages  One Star  
LombokSenggigiPuri Bunga Beach Hotel  Three Star  
LombokSenggigiPuri Mas Boutique Resort & Spa  Four Star  
LombokSenggigiSenggigi Beach Hotel  Four Star  
LombokSenggigiSheraton Senggigi Beach Resort  Four Star  
LombokSenggigiThe Jayakarta Lombok Beach Res..  Four Star  
North SulawesiManadoAston Manado City Hotel  Three Star  
North SulawesiManadoFormosa Hotel  Two Star  
North SulawesiManadoGardenia Country Inn  One Star  
North SulawesiManadoHotel Novotel Manado Golf Reso..  Four Star  
North SulawesiManadoHotel Sahid Manado  Three Star  
North SulawesiManadoHotel Santika Manado  Four Star  
North SulawesiManadoKima Bajo Resort & Spa    
North SulawesiManadoManado Beach Hotel    
North SulawesiManadoNDC Resort Dive & Spa    
North SulawesiManadoSintesa Peninsula  Five Star  
North SulawesiManadoSwiss-Belhotel Maleosan Manado    
North SulawesiManadoTasik Ria  Three Star  
North SulawesiManadoThe Ritzy Hotel Manado  Four Star  
North SumatraBerastagiSinabung Resort Hotel  Four Star  
North SumatraMedanASEAN International Hotel  Four Star  
North SumatraMedanEmerald Garden International H..  Three Star  
North SumatraMedanGaruda Plaza Hotel  Three Star  
North SumatraMedanHotel Soechi International Med..  Four Star  
North SumatraMedanInna Dharma Deli    
North SumatraMedanSemarak International Hotel  Three Star  
North SumatraMedanTiara Medan Hotel & Convention..  Four Star  
North SumatraParapatHotel Niagara    
North SumatraParapatThe Patra Parapat Hotel  Two Star  
PapuaJayapuraSwiss-Belhotel Papua  Four Star  
PapuaTimikaSheraton Timika    
RiauBatamBatam View Beach Resort  Four Star  
RiauBatamGoodway Hotel (Mandarin Regenc..  Four Star  
RiauBatamHarmoni Hotel  Four Star  
RiauBatamHarris Resort Batam  Four Star  
RiauBatamMercure Batam formerly Royal H..  Three Star  
RiauBatamNovotel Batam  Four Star  
RiauBatamPanorama Regency Hotel  Four Star  
RiauBatamPlanet Holiday Hotel  Four Star  
RiauBatamSwiss Belhotel Batam  Three Star  
RiauBatamThe Hills Batam formerly Puri ..  Three Star  
RiauBintanAngsana Resort & Spa  Four Star  
RiauBintanBanyan Tree Bintan  Five Star  
RiauBintanMayang Sari Beach Resort  Four Star  
RiauBintanNirwana Resort Hotel  Four Star  
RiauPekanbaruAryaduta Hotel Pekanbaru  Four Star  
RiauPekanbaruRatu Mayang Garden Hotel forme..  Three Star  
South KalimantanBanjarmasinSwiss-Belhotel Borneo  Three Star  
South SulawesiBiraAmatoa Resort    
South SulawesiMakassarBaji Gau Guest House  One Star  
South SulawesiTorajaHotel Sahid Toraja  Three Star  
South SulawesiTorajaMarannu Hotel Toraja    
South SulawesiTorajaMarante Toraja Hotel  Three Star  
South SulawesiTorajaToraja Cottages  [Budget Hotel]  
South SulawesiTorajaToraja Heritage Hotel (formerl..  Four Star  
South SulawesiTorajaToraja Misiliana Resort & Spa  Three Star  
South SulawesiTorajaToraja Prince Hotel  Three Star  
South SulawesiUjung PandangHotel Sahid Jaya Makassar  Five Star  
South SulawesiUjung PandangImperial Aryaduta Hotel Makass..  Five Star  
South SulawesiUjung PandangLosari Beach Hotel  Three Star  
South SulawesiUjung PandangSinggasana Hotel Makassar form..  Four Star  
South SulawesiUjung PandangThe Banua Makassar formerly As..  Three Star  
South SumatraPalembangNovotel Palembang Hotel & Resi..    
West JavaBandungAston Primera Pasteur  Four Star  
West JavaBandungGrand Preanger Bandung Hotel  Five Star  
West JavaBandungGrand Royal Panghegar Hotel  Four Star  
West JavaBandungHoliday Inn Bandung  Four Star  
West JavaBandungHorison Hotel Bandung  Four Star  
West JavaBandungHotel Santika Bandung  Four Star  
West JavaBandungHotel Talagasari  Two Star  
West JavaBandungHyatt Regency Bandung  Five Star Diamond  
West JavaBandungLotus Bandung Hotel  Two Star  
West JavaBandungPadma Hotel Bandung  Five Star  
West JavaBandungSheraton Bandung  Five Star  
West JavaBandungThe Jayakarta Bandung Suite Ho..  Four Star  
West JavaBandungThe Patra Bandung Hotel  Two Star  
West JavaBandungVue Palace Hotel  Three Star  
West JavaBogorHotel Bukit Indah  Four Star  
West JavaBogorHotel Salak The Heritage  Four Star  
West JavaBogorNovotel Bogor Golf Resort and ..  Four Star  
West JavaBogorNovus Puncak Resort & Spa  Four Star  
West JavaBogorSBTH Boutique Hotel  [Boutique Hotel]  
West JavaCemagiSimply Valore - By Maven Hotel..  Three Star  
West JavaCirebonHotel Santika Cirebon  Four Star  
West JavaCirebonThe Patra Cirebon Hotel  Three Star  
West JavaLembangGrand Hotel Lembang  Three Star  
West JavaLembangSan Gria Resort & Spa  Three Star  
West JavaSukabumiTaman Sari Hotel  [Budget Hotel]  
West Nusa TenggaraLombok BaratGrand Legi Mataram Hotel forme..  Three Star  
West Nusa TenggaraLombok BaratHotel Tugu Lombok    
West Nusa TenggaraLombok TengahBounty Beach Bungalows  Three Star  
West Nusa TenggaraLombok TengahGazebo Meno  One Star  
West Nusa TenggaraLombok TengahKUTA INDAH RESORT HOTEL  [Budget Hotel]  
West Nusa TenggaraLombok TengahMatahari Inn  [Budget Hotel]  
West Nusa TenggaraLombok TengahNovotel Coralia Lombok  Four Star  
West Nusa TenggaraMataramJeeva Klui Resort formerly Nus..  [Budget Hotel]  
West Nusa TenggaraMataramLombok Plaza Hotel & Conventio..  Three Star  
West Nusa TenggaraMataramLombok Raya Hotel  Three Star  
West Nusa TenggaraSenggigiPanorama Senggigi  Three Star  
West SumatraBukittinggiPusako Hotel Bukittinggi  Four Star  
West SumatraBukittinggiRoyal Denai Hotel  Three Star  
West SumatraBukittinggiThe Hills Hotel formerly Novot..    
West SumatraPadangBumi Minang Hotel  Four Star  
West SumatraPadangInna Muara Hotel    
West SumatraPadangThe Aliga Hotel    
YogyakartaYogyakartaAbadi Hotel Jogya  Three Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaDusun Jogja Village Inn  Three Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaDuta Garden Hotel  Two Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaDuta Hotel Jogjakarta  [Budget Hotel]  
YogyakartaYogyakartaGrand Quality Hotel Yogyakarta  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaHotel Batik Yogyakarta (Batik ..  One Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaHotel Grage Yogyakarta    
YogyakartaYogyakartaHotel Ibis Malioboro  Three Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaHotel Kota  [Budget Hotel]  
YogyakartaYogyakartaHotel Perwita Sari  Three Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaHotel Santika Jogja  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaHyatt Regency Yogyakarta  Five Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaInna Garuda (formerly Natour G..  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaJogjakarta Plaza Hotel  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaMatahari Hotel    
YogyakartaYogyakartaMutiara Malioboro Hotel  Two Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaNovotel Yogyakarta  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaPuri Artha Hotel    
YogyakartaYogyakartaQueen Of The South Beach Resor..  Two Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaRoyal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaRumah Mertua  Two Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaSahid Raya Yogyakarta Hotel  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaSheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Re..  Five Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaThe Jayakarta Yogyakarta  Four Star  
YogyakartaYogyakartaThe Phoenix Hotel  Five Star  
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