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'The authentic Bali on my trip' 5 of 5 stars Jul 12, 2016 A TripAdvisor Member

I'm so glad that I have here, decided based on the reviews for the Sua Bali. I have experienced here the most authentic Bali on my entire trip. Property (the bungalow) was super nice and clean, the bathroom outdoors, always an experience ... but all that is really just a minor matter .... The whole team and especially Dayu, Wayan and Ali make the stay a very special and unique experience. This is all about bringing us tourists, the real Bali closer. With all its varied cultural, faith and politics. It's just something else to learn about Hinduism when it comes firsthand and is not mediated by a guide. I at least was very excited to learn more about this fascinating faith. The owner gives all its advanced knowledge and thought, also with regard to the type of tourism to all their employees on. It gives them their values, to get them for the future, so that still may experience many of this particular Bali, even if they eventually retires. We have crafted as offerings myself and I learned what each dish is respectively. This tinkering is not only relaxing, but it gives us Europeans also a glimpse of how much time and effort, every single Hindu lies in his faith. Even cooking (with hydrolysis with market visit) is a real experience. How delicious Balinese cuisine is yet :-) And not only was the food which we cooked together super. There was every day something new for me to try, where it was believed that I would find it tasty and absolutely must try. And that is what makes the Sua Bali. It is not just a tourist or guest ... I felt for 5 days to be a part of a new family with another culture.