Paradise with angels disguised as waitresses

Reviewed March 29, 2010

Stayed as a group of 16 when the hotel was not too busy. The hotel had a very clean natural feel and with so much open to the air, was extreemly relaxing. The food was vary varied in main choices; with many additionals out at every meal. Some items being cooked to order and even brought to your table. The staff ( and especially LIAN and LUSY ) could not do enough to help. Example : hotel ran out of stamps, so Lian went to Manado ( 45 mins each way ) and bought some just so I could send some postcards. I asked for a milky coffee one breakfast : as soon as I arrived each morning after; the coffee followed soon after. Everybody greets you when you pass; and even call your name from a distance. The massage is to be reccommended ( if you bargain the price a little ) but don't ask for the hard style unless you have a good pain threshold !! There wasn't outside entertainment but they made up for that by giving spur of the moment guitar and singing performances ( whilst still doing their normal work ! ). LIAN has an amazing voice - if only I had had room in my suitcase for her !!! We were there for the diving provided by Thalassa and this was also exceptional service. Overall we were very impressed with everything and everybody . Definately a 10 out of 10 hotel.