Beautiful location

Me and my wife were only on Flores Island for 1 night and we stayed at Luwansa Beach Resort. We hadn't pre-booked. We simply landed at the airport, and caught a 'taxi' straight to it (it was advertised in the airport), which took about 5/10 mins.
The location of the hotel is almost untouched. It had only opened a few months before, and there are signs of this (grass hasn't yet grown in the intended parts, the grounds are not well lit etc), but you can tell that given a bit of time...the hotel has the potential to be amazing. The room was clean and spacious, and the staff were friendly. The meal we ate there was average, and the fact it was so quiet there (people wise) made it seem a bit eerie on the night, but like I hadn't long opened and Labuan Bajo is still only a tourist attraction in development. In 20 years I'd imagine the place to be full of luxury hotels and bars etc.
All in all we had a comfortable stay and I'd recommend it for short term stop-overs. It's located close to Labuan Bajo harbour, making it ideal for linking Rinca and Komodo Island trips.