Definitely a Jewel

Reviewed September 1, 2011

The Villa is beautiful, staff excellent. If you want to relax and enjoy the pool and villa without any of the hustle and bustle of town, this is definitely one to put on the list. I hope the villa managers realise the value of staff like Oka, Gedde, Marde and Agung, they make the stay perfect. Agung's food is restaurant quality, Oka an absolute gem. Gedde is a skilled driver who never complains or even looks cheesed off when he is asked to drive up and down those hills all day. He is also a great for guide, he took us to terrific places, even prepared to leave before dawn to see sights miles away. The Villa has obviously had trouble with the hot water in the main room for some time and that is still an occasional issue, but not a show stopper. I don't really think it is ideal for small children, the steps to the pool and the staircase to the entertainment room are really steep and the latter needs a balustrade at the top. There are also the invisible staff, gardener, security etc that never intrude. The gardens are just as you see in the photos, the rome also the same. We did not ask for a coking school, or to go to the market but not sure how it would really work. They need to improve the system for checking the grocery bills, as it remains an issue, unless you can read indonesian they could put anything on them (and probably do). This can leave you feeling a bit, ..taken advantage of, when things like 'super 10's' show up. Perhaps the management could take some responsibility here. I was happy to provide a heavy tip for the staff as they were without doubt the making of the villa, and I suspect the last to see any of the rewards. All in all I would highly recommend staying here, particularly if Oka and Gedde are available to make your stay the very best, the children absolutely adored them and we felt completely safe occasionally leaving them in their care at the villa for short periods.