Worth the Rupiahs

Reviewed 8 November 2012 We arrived in Lovina without any plans of where to stay. The Perama bus driver offered and drove us to 3 or 4 hotels along this road to check it out - unexpected kindness, wonderful man.

We finally settled in for this place, mostly for the atmosphere - it's a little bit more chilled out, friendlier, greener and non-pushy comparitively. The male receptionist was friendly and pleasant, very helpful with checking us in & welcoming us. Service was great, the staff was nice and honestly never seen them in a grouchy face. They were very good with the wake up call, nicely done.

What I really like about this place is that they really do care for their garden. The trees/plants were well kept, and birds love hanging out here. The pool was good to do some laps in. WiFi was fast, but unfortunately only available at the cafe/pool area. You could try your luck on your balcony though, it sometimes works.

Room: bedsheets + toilet + floor + balcony = clean :)

The beach is not bad try again, probably not for swimming - great for strolling & feeling the sand. We were bothered by the hawkers, the trick is to be really single-minded - if you don't want it, say it politely but strongly. Breakfast, was toast/jam/omelette - it was really good and decent.

Also they have two dogs (away from where you need to walk, don't worry) which made us feel safe to be honest. Pointers for security.

Overall, good value, worth the cash.