“Villa Shinta Dewi - Heaven on Earth”

I like to think I have travelled fairly extensively, visiting Sth East Asia, the South Pacific, USA, Canada etc. In all my travels, this rates as the most memorable and amazing exotic experience I have ever had! The villa is absolutely STUNNING! 4 rooms filled with immaculate marble bathrooms, showers with pull-out windows to the leafy surrounds outside. So close to the chic eateries of Seminyak and surrounds, yet far enough away to feel a real sense of calm an isolation. The staff were attentive and very hospidable, teaching us Indonesian and always with a smile on their face. The pool is imaculate and the surrounds and gardens are amazing. Go here with a group and revel in the divine atmosphere! Best suited for a group of 4 couples, you will not be dissapointed!!!!