A place to really call 'home' in Ubud

Reviewed October 30, 2012

Let me be clear from the get-go: this is not the Hitlon! If you are looking for five star accommodation then you are going to need to pay 5 star prices... What Oka Kartini Bungalows offers is something different. Something perhaps you cannot put a price on.
Having already been checked in to another hotel in central Ubud I went for a walk slightly away from the centre. A sign that read 'Puppet Show' and 'Swimming Pool' caught my eye so I thought I would go and check it out. Three hours later, I packed up and moved to Oka Kartini's.
I was greeted by the extremely charming Ibu Oka Kartini herself. A natural host who before I knew it had invited me to have lunch with her regardless if I were to be staying or not. She provides a wealth of information and stories about Ubud and Bali. It soon became clear that there are a lot of characters staying at the hotel on what you would call a permanent basis. This creates a real family atmosphere which for me is something really special to find. I stayed for three weeks and watched people come and go, all who shared dinners, laughs and aometimes a few drinks with.
Oka Kartini's is a hidden gem. Don't tell all your friends or it will be spoiled!! But do make sure you visit yourself and give Ibu Oka a hug from me!