Great quiet spot.

Reviewed January 18, 2012 My partner and I stayed in villa #1 for 3 nights. Great villa, the outside shower didnt work but the fantastic rain shower inside did, wow!

Bed was comfy, villa is spacious, lounges are squeaky!!! Dont leave anything foodish on the bench overnight, little ants invaded our mugs. Great quiet spot down the laneway, away from all the honking of the scooters. The plunge pool was awesome, that is all you need to cool off, not a big huge overrated pool. Across the main road from the laneway is Cafe Seminyak, great food. I ordered a bacon egg and lettuce wasnt on the menu.....i still got it! Bintang supermarket is next to the cafe, for all your comfy needs (like chocolate and $1.20AU pringles!!!)

Be carefull of the traffic, there is a crossing with a man and whistle to assist you across so you dont get run over, a little bit down from the cafe. Great dvd shops and nice clothes shops.

There is a little girl and her mum walking around who sell bracelets made from immitation leather, just buy a bundle for 50,000, make the little girls day. and blow her a kiss.

Downtown is nice, floors are polished to a slippery quality. Dont use more of anything than you dont need...tea bags, shampoo, toilet paper, water. Be nice to Indonesia xxxx Peace.

Room Tip: Villa #1, outside shower doesnt work, but it doesnt matter, because there is a shower inside right...