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Travel Tips in negara

What To Do in Negara

In terms of tourism area, Negara is less popular than any other areas in Bali. However with its unique, Negara is able to provides people destinations which will not disappoint. From Negara you can also enjoy some places in neighboring district.

Visit West Bali National Park
This 77,000 hectare park is the stretch of green ground along 150km road connecting Denpasar-Jembrana and Jembrana-Singaraja. This home for thousands species of flora and fauna which canít be found in any other places is officially operated in 1941. The signature fauna in this forest is Jalak Putih Bali (Bali Starling). Exploring the lush forest with its various inhabitants will be a great way to spend the time in Negara .

Surfing in Medewi Beach
The awesome Medewi Beach is situated in Medewi Village 24 km to east from Negara district. This beach is very suitable to surf due to its potential waves.

Visit Museum Manusia Purba (Primordial Men)
Since 1963 some archeologists have been conducting research in Gilimanuk area and they found some skeleton and other things from the past. To facilitate the finding of these experts, Jembrana Government built a place to keep them safe. Now, this place is open for visitor who would like to see a man from the past with his ancient tools.

Visit Bunut Bolong
This spot is very unique. You can imagine a road connecting Jembrana-Buleleng. In the middle of this road there is a big Bunut tree looks like a cave so the driver can still reach Buleleng through this way.

Enjoy Jegog in Sangkaragung
Jegog is special Balinese traditional instrument from Jembrana. Jegog is dominated with bamboo instrument so the sound produced is different from other Balinese traditional instrument. At Sangkaragung village in Negara district, there is a workshop where you can learn how to play jegog. Even this workshop named Sanggar Jegog Suar Agung shows Jegog performances every Sunday and Thursday.

Do Water Sport in Menjangan island
Administratively, Menjangan Island belongs to Buleleng regency but Menjangan Island is under control of West Bali National Park. Sea adventure is possible to do, dive into the mangrove! There are many boat charter companies and dive operators. And donít forget to explore its forest inhabited with deer, Cervus timorensis.

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Bunut Bolong


Bunut Bolong






West Bali National Park

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