Great value, excellent location!

Reviewed February 24, 2012

I had booked a deluxe room primarily because I wanted the canopy bed. From the pics on line, I didn't notice a discernible difference amongst the rooms aside from that. I was taken to a room and was disappointed to see no canopy, but I asked to be moved and they were able to do so. Also, the clerk at check in asked if I would be interested in a bike tour the following morning and in fact I was. A friend had stayed at this hotel just a few weeks prior and recommended the tour. He said he would book it, but when I arrived the next morning I learned after waiting 45 minutes he never did so. When I saw him later that evening he didn't apologize, even though I'm confident the morning clerk mentioned the faux paux to him. I should mention he error was fortuitous, as I had the best day my first day there. Went to a wonderful yoga class at yoga barn (highly recommend), rafting in the afternoon, then had a much needed foot massage and manicure at Venezia Spa, a short walk away. Took the bike tour the following day, and I was underwhelmed. The other reviewers are right about the monkeys! They are hysterical and add quite a lot to the overall experience at this hotel. I should also mention that I was traveling alone, and the convenient location was a plus. I would return to this hotel in the future with my husband, as I know he would LOVE the monkeys freely roaming about as well.