New hotel,need a little more 'touch' though..

Reviewed August 5, 2012

My visit here is the first time..since i wrongly put date on my online booking to tunjungan hotel near tunjungan i tried to look for cheaper hotel since i dont want to pay up worthless hotel voucher again (note to viewers: always check the date before u agree to buy tix online,its so frustrating to have a non refundable tix and must pay up a big sum of money on nothing) So,i came up wit this hotel..

The location is quite nice,located in the middle of the city..just 5 minutes drive from tunjungan its good for me.

The entrance remind me of hotels in hongkong,since u must go inside the parking lot to go to the hotel..there's no grand entrance like other hotel in indonesia i used to visit.

This hotel is maybe a expanded karaoke place..since it share floor wit karaoke. And it smells new too.

The receptions was nice,and the staff are very helpfull