Paradise! Just one hour away from chaotic Jakarta

Reviewed February 18, 2012

It's paradise! Quiet place, friendly staff, perfect place to escape chaotic polluted Jakarta, and you can walk around it 25 min! I was hopping the dive was better, altjought the local Indonesian instructor as well as the staff were super friendly! You almost have the island for yourself, during week days 8 people MAXIMUM in the hole island. The scenery is amazing! This inside of the island is like a tropical forest with some weel cleaned sandy tracks. Awesome snorkeling! A bit expensive for indonesian standards, but cheap for European, around 100 euros the first night and 60 the following, all included exept for the diving! The only bad thing is the garbage the Indonesian living in other nearby islands throw away and will eventually end up on the shores of this tropical paradise! They should clean the shores every day, because for the average retarded Indonesian it's no problem to live among garbage, their ignorance is mind bothering, it feels like hitting them them most of the times, they destroying everything good in their country!