Trip date: 16-18 March 2012 Room type: Superior (Cheapest!) Rooms 521, 523, 525 Lets begin with the rooms. Air conditioning keeps the room cool during the day and not too cold at night. 2 power sockets to use Television with remote (No DVD/VCD Player but there is a wide range of channels to watch) Desk with high speed internet (via cable) and a chair Pencil and paper for use A cushioned sitting platform is available too Light switch next to the bed In-room refrigerator with 2 can drinks provided (might have to pay for using them) 2 free bottle of water everyday Electric Water Heater (there are teabags and coffee packets too, not sure if free though) In-room safe inside the cabinet with hangers Hotel phone Toilet with bathtub (Soap & rubbish bin provided) Toilet paper, bathing towel and bath rug available Window view faces an inaccessible corridor which is well decorated (Curtains provided) No in-room WIFI (There is free WIFI at the lobby area though) Rooms had electronic doorbells which could be silenced via a switch inside There is also a switch to call for room cleaning service The rooms are provided with a door latch The lobby is very spacious with sitting areas so one can freely use the WIFI. Newspaper are available near the main doors. There are 3 lifts available. (Requires room card to access room floors) There are two swimming pools located on the highest floor next to the gym. The lounge bar sells a range of drinks at reasonable prices, the bartender is friendly too. There is also a shop which sells a range of assorted stuff. Most of the shops were not fully opened yet, probably because they are expanding the hotel. The hotel does not have a computer available for guest to use. (Or not yet?) The daily breakfast buffet has quite an interesting range of food available. Do not expect too much. It is definitely worth slightly more than its worth. Currently, they have a special Sunday Breakfast Dim Sum buffet. This immediately removes away the egg station and most of the juices. (Or were they hidden) There is in-room dining as well. One can use the room phone to call for it. The staff were very friendly and were willing to help us 24/7. We tried to order KFC dinner via delivery without knowing the menu, one of their staff helped us by assisting us with the current promotions even without the menu. She even helped us to call KFC and take the order which was very useful because we do not speak Malay. Their staff also open the main doors for us when we enter/leave the building. The hotel itself towers above all the other buildings in its area. The Mega Mall is approximately 20minutes walk from the hotel. Harmoni One has their own taxi service which takes you to Mega Mall for 30,000Rp for 1 way. It would be safer to take the taxi service provided by Harmoni One. These taxi could fit up to 7 people including the driver. If split among 6 passenger, the price would be really cheap. One could ask the driver to return at a specific time so that you could go back. Another location we tried was Batam City Square (BCS) at 60,000Rp each trip. Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall is also 60,000Rp per trip. What I liked about this hotel the most was their super friendly staff. They try to help guests to the best of their ability. Excellent score for service. The hotel is stunningly beautiful, grand and spacious. Living here really makes you feel so luxurious. Excellent score for value. The beds were comfortable with extra pillows available in the cabinet. The pillows were soft and quite low so we made use of the bolster from the sitting platform. Sleep quality is excellent nonetheless. The rooms were well maintained and has daily room cleaning service. All these add up to an excellent score for cleanliness. The location is quite far from anywhere but there is taxi service available. I give it a very good rating for that. The rooms were well furnished with almost everything we needed. Excellent! Despite being a 4 Stars hotel, we truly felt it was a 5 Stars rating. Hope this review helps you with your decision!